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Team Approach to Care

Hospice approaches the care of our patients as a team which consists of multi-disciplinary professionals, the patient, and the family. With Hospice, the patient and family are included in developing a plan of care that coincides with the patient's physician who works closely with the Hospice team.

A Hospice nurse performs evaluations and carefully assesses medical problems. The nurse will make regular visits to the patient and will teach the family members how to care for their loved one. More importantly, a nurse is always on call to answer questions or to provide tender care.

A Hospice social worker assesses the patient and the family needs for counseling, social services, and financial assistance. The social worker will make regular visits to ensure the patient and family receive psychological or emotional support needed.

A Hospice chaplain offers spiritual care and supplements services from the patient's own minister or priest.

If needed, Hospice augments the team with a personal-care specialist, a trained volunteer, and other professionals.

A Hospice bereavement counselor continues the network of support and care established during the patient's life through follow-up services. Our certified bereavement counselor helps a family deal with grief for up to 13 months following the patient's death.