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Hospice of Western Kentucky does not make phone solicitations for donations. Never provide any personal, credit card, or banking information over the phone.

    September 8 2014
A fundraising solicitation has been mailed in our service area called "The 2014 Owensboro Area Annual Fund Drive" from "The Hospice Support Fund" in Merrifield, Virginia. THIS IS NOT A FUNDRAISING SOLICITATION FROM HOSPICE OF WESTERN KENTUCKY. The official looking "Annual Fund Drive Reply Form" suggests a donation amount of $10 by September 23. Please know that this is not a legitimate fundraiser for our hospice organization. ANY CORRESPONDENCE from Hospice of Western Kentucky will be on our official letterhead and will contain our name, address, and logo. Thank you.


Financial Support

Hospice of Western Kentucky relies on the community for volunteers and financial support. We offer a variety of gift opportunities from memorial gifts to bequests. In fact, a large portion of our donations come to us as contributions in memory of loved ones.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts allow friends and family to pay tribute to a loved one while simultaneously supporting the Hospice mission. A patient or a family member may ask that memorial donations come to Hospice; requests often appear in newspaper obituaries, and if requested most funeral homes will display Hospice contribution envelopes. Hospice acknowledges all memorial donors and keeps the family informed of gifts received.

Bequests and Other Planned Gifts

Bequests can be made to Hospice of Western Kentucky by wills: those who name Hospice in their wills are Hospice Benefactors. Another type of planned gift is the charitable-remainder trust: this trust pays survivors income during their lifetimes; then, after their death, the assets create a lasting remembrance in honor of the loved one. We will gladly discuss with you how to implement these and other types of planned gifts.

Hospice is very grateful for the support received from donors, families, and friends. These funds allow us to continue high-quality care. Charitable gifts subsidize care and special programs for adults and children and underwrite capital needs. If you would like to learn how to make a difference, please call our office.

Heartford House Capital Campaign Donations

We are currently conducting a capital campaign to help build the Heartford House inpatient unit. This 12 bed inpatient facility will truly enhance the way we are able to care for our terminally ill patients who are most in need. Please see the Heartford House page for more information.

Click here for Heartford House info

Donations to this campaign can be made on line or pledges are accepted and can be paid over a three year period.