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Levels of Care Hospice Hands

Routine Home Care: Care is provided intermittently by hospice team members in the patient's or family's home or in a nursing care facility.

General Inpatient Care: Care is given at a contractual facility for patients who need pain control or acute/chronic symptom management or who have a breakdown in the family caregiving system. Paid length of stay for inpatient care and necessity of inpatient care will be determined by the hospice interdisciplinary group. If a hospice patient needs hospitalization for any reason unrelated to the terminal diagnosis, Medicare Part A will be utilized.

Inpatient Respite Care: Under the direction of the hospice plan of care, up to five (5) days of respite care at a contractual nursing care facility will be paid by hospice. This benefit may be used to give the family/caregiver a rest and the patient does not need to meet acute care standards.

Continuous Home Care: Care to be provided only during periods of crisis to maintain the patient at home. Criteria for continuous home care are the same as general inpatient care. Hospice staff will provide a minimum of eight (8) hours of care per calendar day.